Sunday, August 3, 2008

Faith, the freedom to believe ( Poem )

I don't need proof, after he died,
It is the truth, that Christ did rise.
At the base, on which it depends
I have faith, so the dialog ends.

My good friend, is just like me
He gives praise to God, on bended knee.
But it's some other religion which he believes instead
In every discussion, he says Christ stayed dead

One uses his faith, to know Christ will come back soon
The other can state, He stayed in his tomb.
We both know we're spot on, each stands aloof
Certain the other's wrong, without need for proof.

Some talk of science, logic, data and all
I prefer silence, the bible and to study Saint Paul
I'm forced to concede, we can learn facts from some fossils,
but I'd rather read, through the Acts of the Apostles

I have faith, so I don't need evidence
I'm wonderfully free to believe in anything
I sure believe what I was told, when still young
Now, leave me, I'm growing old, don't spoil my fun

P. Nelnik

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